Starting off with in 2015, local entrepreneur David Moore was motivated to bring esports into the Northern Territory at and be the first NT based esports organisation. David knew this was a crucial step in building the foundations of where esports is today. NT Esports was then formed to provide the community with esports events and tournaments to participate in locally. 

In 2018, after running two successful seasons of the popular title League of Legends, NT Esports was renamed to Next Tier Esports, and created and NTGE developed and run’s the Northern Territory’s largest esports season called the Northern Territory Esports League (NTEL) in which players and teams can compete at a higher level to win prizes, trophies. NTGE also runs the annual League Wide Awards (LWAs) which is now customary to run every year after the NTEL season finishes. Although gaining year after year growth, the NTEL and LWA's are run as a non-for profit model with all funding reserved for the season and awards.

Notable in 2018 was also the formation of Darwin's first gaming cafe called the 'Next Tier Gaming lounge' which was run from 2018-2019. This venue was a key location to run events and services from the venue. 

In 2020, Next Tier expanded it's branding to offer a wider range of services. Next Tier Events was formed as a means to deliver events in the community that were not gaming & esports related such as the 'Swim In Movie Nights' which was an idea David Moore had to 'activate' Darwin with a grant initiative.  This allowed David to deliver larger projects in the wider community and work with Government and other businesses on a successful project. 

Given David Moore's past work as a sub contractor Karaoke host, there was the opportunity to create another, more commercial arm for Next Tier. This brand ran Karaoke nights and thus Next Tier Karaoke was born. Several venues embraced the new Karaoke service provider allowing David to develop this into a regular service that runs weekly at selected venues. 

In 2021, Next Tier Esports was renamed once again to "Next Tier Gaming & Esports' and Events/ Karaoke were merged to become what is now Next Tier Entertainment. This was due to 'Entertainment' evolving to now offer a wider range of 'entertainment' services such as Trivia, Musical Bingo,  Karaoke and Open Mic. 

Late 2021, Next Tier Studios was formed as a means to re-establish a central headquarters for Next Tier as well as a way for David to reach a wider audience through other creative ways such as a podcast show. 

Next Tier as a whole provides a range of unique entertaining and engaging services which all have a common goal of bringing people together as well as helping those reach new hights in their chosen path. This is the 'Next Tier' philosophy. 

Brand evolution

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2021 - present