Karaoke gives people a means to sing to a backing track usually in front of a public audience at a bar or in a private setting. Whether you are hanging with friends or at a birthday party, Karaoke is always a great option for a great night out. 

Depending on the bar, there is usually raffle tickets given to the singers which the bar will then offer a bar or gift voucher! This is a great incentive for getting up to impress or simply to have a good time. 

With Next Tier Karaoke, you can win performance awards and other cool perks which makes Next Tier Karaoke unique. 


Next Tier Karaoke is Next Tier's way of providing Karaoke with premium quality music, service and atmosphere. 

What makes Next Tier Karaoke different? 

Next Tier Karaoke provides a venue with a premium setup and host/ hostess that runs the show. A typical karaoke event can be rather intimidating for those that do not sing and also can be rather boring. Next Tier aims to change this by providing a very social, fun atmosphere whilst keeping you entertained. 

Next Tier Karaoke has a full commercial licence to play over 30,000 songs for you to sing. All are premium quality! You can choose to have lead, backing vocals on and off and also adjust the pitch and tempo of any song! 

2 Wireless high quality wireless mics on hand for those wanting to duet or group songs. 

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen
EVENTS that bring people together

Next Tier Events was created to provide entertaining events to the Darwin/ Palmerston community. What makes Next Tier Events unique is it's innovative and collaborative approach with events creating an exciting and welcoming atmosphere to all that attend. 

an idea put forward 

In late 2019, David Moore put a concept forward to the Northern Territory Government to 'Transform Public Spaces' by hosting and presenting movies at the wave pool. This was to be known as 'Swim - In Movie Nights at the Wave Lagoon'. 

By working with Darwin Waterfront, Northern Terrtory Government and local event company Dreamedia, Next Tier Events has been able to successfully run full feature movies at the Wave Pool. This gives people a unique 'Territory' experience at one of Darwin's best tourist destinations, the Darwin Waterfront.