The OG days (NT Esports) 

Next Tier Gaming & Esports (formally NT Esports, Next Tier Esports) was founded in 2015 by David Moore to bring acceptance of ‘Esports’ into the Northern Territory.

At its core, Next Tier Gaming & Esports (NTGE) aims to provide the local and online gaming community a means to engage in social gaming, compete in esports tournaments whilst providing a fun, entertaining and memorable atmosphere with its events.

In 2018, after running two successful seasons of the popular title League of Legends, NTGE developed and run’s the Northern Territory’s largest esports season called the Northern Territory Esports League (NTEL) in which players and teams can compete at a higher level to win prizes, trophies. NTGE also runs the annual League Wide Awards (LWAs) which is now customary to run every year after the NTEL season finishes.

With a team of over 10 dedicated individuals, Next Tier Gaming & Esports continues to grow and give gamers both new and experienced, a way to get into esports and help them go to the ‘Next Tier’ with their esports passion.


Esports is the competitive sub genre to the video gaming industry. Gaining considerable popularity in the last decade, esports has grown to be one of the most watched form of competition in today’s day and age. Team based and solo based games are played competitively online or held at an arena setup attracting substantial viewership (in the form of both audiences in attendance at the event venue and via online streaming mediums).

To put this viewership into perspective, League of Legends, one of esports' most popular titles, managed to attract over 3 million viewers globally in the year of 2019 with it's Worlds 2019 Championship. 


Although still in its early stages, esports in the Northern Territory is growing at an exponential rate, with significant activity in the Darwin / Palmerston region and increasing activity and interest in the Alice Springs region. Being the primary catalyst and ongoing driver for the Northern Territory esports scene, Next Tier's esports arm formally called 'Next Tier Esports' is in a unique and prime position to begin to introduce commercialism into the picture and really take local esports to the “Next Tier”. The early effects of the re-branding, business restructure and better utilisation of Next Tier’s online community data are translating into higher activity, engagement and overall reach.


Esports is quite diverse as it offers a person many options in game type and genre. For starters games such as 'fighting' and 'RTS (Real Time Strategy)' are generally played in a 1v1 setting putting player against player. Games are team based meaning they must defeat the enemy team to win which is in contrast similar to traditional sports with a points based system. Other games include the popular Battle Royal genre which sees players against other players in a king of the hill type arena as well as sport games such as Rocket League and FIFA.  


  • Every participant has to behave with respect towards others. The participants are requested to represent esports honourably.

  • We expect players to conduct themselves according to the following values:

    • Compassion: treat others as you would be treated.

    • Integrity: be honest, be committed, play fair.

    • Respect: show respect all other humans, including teammates, competitors, and event staff.

    • Courage: be courageous in competition and in standing up for what is right.

  • Participants must not engage in harassment or hate speech in any form. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Hate speech, offensive behaviour, or verbal abuse related to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, or religion.

    • Stalking or intimidation (physically or online).

    • Spamming, raiding, hijacking, or inciting disruption of streams or social media.

    • Posting or threatening to post other people’s personally identifying information (“doxing”).

    • Unwelcome sexual attention. This includes, unwelcome sexualized comments, jokes, and sexual advances.

    • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviour.

  • Violation of this Code of Conduct will result appropriate action by Next Tier Gaming & Esports. Any decision, determination or ruling made by a NTGE or a Division Manager is final.