SEMINARS & Workshops


Next Tier Esports wishes to help people understand various issues that face the growing gaming and esports community. In this day and age, there is a  little understanding of how gaming can affect people young and older mentally.  

David Moore from Next Tier Esports has experienced these issues first hand and is on a mission to show and explain various issues that people face as well as sharing some insight on the gaming and esports world as a whole. 


  • Social gaming & lifestyle choices

  • 'Tilt' explained and ways to overcome a negative mindset

  • Energy & focus and healthy tips

  • Online behavior, bullying and best practices online

  • Depression & Anxiety and how to overcome it when gaming

  • Pathway opportunities & more.....


These seminars and workshops have been created to provide the community a great way to see first hand how these issues can affect everyday life and provide a positive message and outcome. 

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