Welcome to a Trip down memory lane and the start of a massively growing esports scene relived through these photos! 

NT Esports / Next Tier Esports / Next Tier Gaming & Esports have run many local NT based events and have had 1000s of people involved. 

We cherish these moments and are proud to have created a legacy for everyone involved. 

2015  - 'THE OG DAYS'


NT Esports Open Night!  (May 2015)

The event that started NT Esports! At KJS Entertainment in Malak Darwin. Attracting over 200 people from the local Darwin community we saw NT Esports kick off with a bang with it's first League of Legends live event, Super Smash Bros tournament and exhibition League of Legends matches! Some that attended this event are still to this day involved with Next Tier Gaming & Esports as a community member or part of the NTGE team! 

Approx. 250 people in attendance


Long Weekend Esports Event!  (June 2015)

Due to the success of the Open Night, the community wanted more. We thus hired out the room at DCA (Darwin Community Arts) and put on some LAN style tournaments. This was also a start of us exploring competition with teams playing in games such as CS:GO and DOTA2. Interest in esports was huge and we were at the stages of seeing what the community wanted. This also goes on record as the first official Super Smash Bros tournament run in the NT. 

Approx. 50 people in attendance 


Hallmark Computers Palmerston Event (June 2015)

Sponsorship was something NT Esports was looking for and we managed to get considerable support from Hallmark Computers who at the time let us run events at their office as well as building our 10 PCs that we initially got built to run the first esports seasons. 

Approx. 30 people in attendance 


Fight Night 2015! Esports Event (July 2015)

Fighting games were getting some attention so we thought to have a night dedicated to them. Back then, we had interest in SFV, SSBU and MK X. We also invited the CS:GO community down to have a LAN setup which they appreciated also. We saw the start of some great Fighting Game talent. Enter BLADEXA's official entry into the scene and setting his sights on big things for his Esports Journey! 

Approx. 50 people in attendance


Mario Kart at Humpty Doo Tav  (July 2015)

The first outdoor 18+ Mario Kart comp was held at Humpty Doo Tavern in July 2015. With a Wii U up for grabs this was a fun and entertaining way for some Mario Kart competition. Commentary was provided by radio personality Harry and Dave who entertained the crowd.  

Approx. 50 people in attendance 

Open Night V2.0 & LOL weeklies at Italian Club (Aug - Sept 2015)

After securing an ongoing arrangement with the Italian Club, David was able to run the first major event called 'Open Night 2.0' which was a follow up event to the first event. This had over 250 people in attendance and allowed for a display of multiple esports titles. From here the first local League of Legends season was started and run every Friday night at the Italian Club with a full esports-like setup with 10 PCs provided for players to play on. See LOL Season 1 for further pics. 

Approx. 300-450 total people in attendance 


LOL Worlds Viewing at Cinemas Oct 2015

Due to the popularity of LOL, it meant the community wanted to watch the LOL World Finals on the big screen. This had been done previously and NT Esports took it upon themselves to hire the cinema out to put this on for the enthusiastic local gaming community. Very exciting event with RIOT Games themselves giving us some giveaways and swag on the night! 

Approx. 120 people in attendance 


League of Legends Season 1 NT Esports Sept 2015 - Jan 2016

The first ever League of Legends season to be held locally in Darwin took place weekly at the Italian Club with semi finals being held at the Casuarina Library. 10 PCs were setup weekly with 10 monitors. This was the origins of what is now known as NTEL today. We had 8 teams compete with trophies and a cup for the winning team. There was huge excitement to experience esports and be involved which was the aim for this season. This sparked a legacy with many teams and individuals who are involved to this day!

Approx. 200 people total in attendance (+8 teams competing weekly) 

2016  - 'Exploration'


Discover Esports at Discovery Nightclub!  (Feb 2016)

As a means to reach a wider audience and 18+ demographic, David reached out to Darwin's most popular Nightclub Discovery Darwin to setup an esports activation area. The idea was to simply let people know of NT Esports as well as find people that are interested in gaming & esports. This was met with overall positive feedback and was a good way to work with a nightclub for possible further collaborations. 

Approx. 30 people in attendance


Gamespot Cafe  March 2016

In a continued effort to explore the possibility of a LAN Cafe in Darwin, David setup an in-house gaming LAN Cafe and called in 'Gamerspot'. This was not a huge success but was a good experiment in setting up something like this in a small space. We were able to fit 10 PCs in a small space of 5x6m. 

Approx. 15 people in attendance 


LOST ARC Lan Cafe  (March 2016)

After the first LOL season, the PC's that were used were just sitting in storage. An idea that David had was to explore the possibility of setting up an 18+ bar style LAN cafe for people to enjoy. This again was done to see the reception and market test such a possible venue in future for Darwin. Although this was good, the setting up and and packing down was not sustainable. 

Approx. 30 people in attendance 


GamerZone Mararra LAN Cafe June- July 2016

After running several small test setups at Lost Arc and at his home, David sort a means to have a more permanent setup which would mean the PC's can remain setup at a venue. Due to his works with the Italian Club, David was able to sucure a venue which saw the 'GamerZone' Lan Cafe formed. This was a small room next to the stage and was a great setup for gamers to come and practice, socialise and play games with friends. There was also a small fridge where snacks and drinks could be purchased. 

Approx. 60 people total in attendance

....more photos coming soon. Watch this space!