About Next Tier Enterprises Pty Ltd

Next Tier Enterprises Pty Ltd trades as three brands Next Tier Entertainment, Next Tier Gaming & Esports and Next Tier HQ are a dynamic and is an innovative company that is passionate about delivering exceptional entertainment experiences. We are dedicated to providing unique and engaging services. Read below for a full brief on each of our exciting brands! 

Next Tier Entertainment

Next Tier Entertainment was formed in 2020 formally Next Tier Karaoke & Next Tier Events as a means to provide Karaoke and event services. 

Using his years of entertainment hosting and experience, founder David Moore created these two brands so that he could support his other created vision (Next Tier Gaming & Esports) and eventually replace his day job income to focus on the growing businesses. 

The brand would continue to expand, with David recruiting other hosts so that he could expand the business to run services in multiple places at once. 

In 2021, this the two names (Karaoke/ Events) were merged to form Next Tier Entertainment which offers a multi range of entertainment services which expanded to not only Karaoke events but also Trivia/ Quiz nights, Musical Bingo and Open Mic nights to name a few. 

Next Tier Entertainment stands as the NT's most ambitious, dynamic and unique entertainment provider which provides a diverse range of 5-10 hosts and event services.

Meet your 'Next Tier' hosts

We offer a unique diverse range of hosts who bring their own style and flare to your event!

Next Tier Gaming & Esports

Next Tier Gaming & Esports (NTGE) has been pioneering the gaming and esports scene in the Darwin & Palmerston region since being founded in 2015 (NT Esports/ Next Tier Esports) by David Moore and his team of volunteers and supporting partners. 

Originally created to bring esports activity to the Northern Territory, NTGE has run multiple local events as well as playing a major role in larger staple events (Geekfest, GeeCon, Tropicon). 

NTGE typically focuses on games that are popular within the community and runs ad-hoc small competitions as well as competitive seasons which span over a period of time. These are run similar to a sports club with sponsorship and funding to support. 

Gaming as an activity is something NTGE also specialises in, providing all ages, including youth and adults a safe, fun, inclusive and engaging experience through its community based events. Most of these events are supported by local council and government due to the positive outcomes they can have. 

Operating with a combination of volunteers and sub-contractors, NTGE has the most diverse team which puts it in a great position with the community. 

NTGE remains the largest and longest running gaming & esports brand in the Northern Territory and encourages people of any background to be involved in the services in provides with gaming & esports.

Next Tier HQ

Nestled in Coconut Grove, NT, the dynamic hub known as "Next Tier HQ" stands as a versatile haven. Not only does it function as the bustling nerve center for Next Tier's operational and storage needs, but it unfolds into much more.

Within its walls, a vibrant array of opportunities takes shape. A dedicated rehearsal expanse stands ready for local musical minds to craft and refine their artistry. In it's own separate room, a cutting-edge podcast studio invites voices to be captured and stories to be shared, enriching the auditory landscape. An esports broadcasting/ streaming desk dedicated for the exciting action within the esports realms. 

However, the innovation doesn't stop there. A gaming and esports lounge area beckons enthusiasts to engage in spirited competitions and immersive experiences. The very fabric of the space, fitted with sound-reducing foam, envelops each facet in impeccable acoustics, ensuring an environment where every note, word, and sound is rendered with precision.

"Next Tier HQ" transcends the conventional, melding Next Tier's essence with a space that resonates with the diverse rhythm of music, creativity, entertainment, and connectivity.