Next Tier Entertainment (formally Next Tier Karaoke/ Events) was formed in 2020 as an expansion to Next Tier Gaming & Esports.

Founder David Moore, had considerable experience in the Karaoke, dancing and hosting industry which spans back to 2009 and to him it made sense to form a way to deliver such services.

Next Tier Entertainment hosts and runs events such as Karaoke, Open Mic nights, Dance collaborations, Hosting and MC services and Live musician services. These services are delivered in a particular way that is both unique, engaging and creates an experience that Next Tier aims to deliver every time.

Although Next Tier Entertainment specialize in running and hosting events, they also have equipment that can be hired such as speakers, microphones, stands and PA systems.

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What makes Next Tier Karaoke different? 

Karaoke has been popular for centuries, Next Tier Karaoke provides a venue with a premium setup and host/ hostess that runs the show. A typical karaoke event can be rather intimidating for those that do not sing and also can be rather boring. Next Tier aims to change this by providing a very social, fun atmosphere whilst keeping you entertained. 

Next Tier Karaoke has a full commercial licence to play over 40,000 songs for you to sing. All are premium quality and sound amazing! You can choose to have lead, backing vocals on and off and also adjust the pitch and tempo of any song! There is also a unique QR code system meaning you can add a song to queue using your phone! No more books! 

We provide quality equipment including both wireless and wired mics which are adjusted to your singing style by the host. Hand sanitiser and other cleaning standards are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable karaoke experience. 

To check where and when Karaoke is happening in your area, click here. 

WHY Karaoke at a venue? 

To some, karaoke is a bit intimidating, to others, it is a great social way to have a drink and have fun with your friends. 

Karaoke adds value to a venue in the following ways;

  • Greater attendance and local bar support

  • Loyal patron base with regulars 

  • Fun and exciting atmosphere

  • Exclusive unique offers from the venue

  • Benefits for group bookings such as birthdays

  • Commercial licencing covered for Karaoke   

Next Tier Entertainment aims to add these benefits and more at each night it hosts a karaoke event. 

If you are a bar owner or manager and want a tailored quote to trial karaoke at your venue contact us today!