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Welcome to Next Tier Esports

All About Next Tier Esports

Next Tier Esports is the Northern Territory's first dedicated esports organisation. It was originally established early 2015 as “NT Esports” by David Moore (Founder & Co-Owner) as a necessary step to bringing esports into the Northern Territory with the overall objective of expanding its growth and popularity in Australia.  
The mission of NT Esports was simple; that is to give local gamers a chance to experience and compete in esports. While a simplistic goal, the work that went into pioneering the movement in the Territory was far from simple and included many sleepless nights and countless hours of volunteer assistance in order to provide community a wide range of live events, school programs, community and social events, as well as seasonal and online tournaments.   From humble beginnings, David saw an untapped opportunity to bring esports into the Northern Territory. The first event in May of 2015 was so big that it exceeded expected numbers by 250%. With this foundation in place, David was able to take NT Esports (previous name) further and beyond. It did not take long for word to spread and establish an esports organisation that will revolutionise the esports scene in the Northern Territory and beyond.    To help bolster David’s resolve in this esports movement, Ryan Wright joined NT Esports in late 2015 and has helped with events and the business structure. Since joining; the team have analysed all of their business and operational data from 20152019, considered the growth and evolution of the esports movement as a whole and decided to undertake its own evolution.


The NTE Management Team

dave new.jpg

David 'Tier1Phoenix' Moore

Founder / Business Manager

Ness profiler_edited_edited.jpg

Ness 'NessJR' Sanchez

Volunteer Strategist


Carly 'PurpleMama' Brown

Assistant Manager


Morgan 'DKDriftKing' Hill-Morse

Operations Assistant


Next Tier Volun-Tiers

Our dedicated NTE Volunteers

The team of volunteers at Next Tier Esports are passionate about esports and do anything they can to help out. Everyone plays their part and is a great asset to the growth of Next Tier Esports.

Nashj 'Button Nash' Meek

Volunteer / Assistant

Shaun 'MrManinja' Ostler

Volunteer / Rocket League Assistant Manager

Liam 'Bladexa' Pollock

Volunteer / League of Legends Assistant Manager

Callum 'Talcos' Dunkley

Volunteer / Assistant

Tommy 'SaltySlurry' Weaver

Volunteer / Assistant

Julie 'AnonyMouse' Murphy

Volunteer / Assistant

Volunteer / Shoutcaster

Paige 'CrystalPhoenix' Crystal

Volunteer / Assistant

Chris 'Strider' Pilling

Volunteer / League of Legends Assistant Manager & Shoutcaster


Contact Us

David Moore - Founder / Business Manager